Patty Gamba of Dermix Clinical Skin CareA licensed esthetician with more than 20 years of experience, Patty Gamba is the founder and driving spirit behind the Dermix Clinical Skin Care line, developer of its own unique line of medically-based beauty care cosmeceuticals. Her passion for healthy skin grew from her son's battle with severe acne, resulting in her long-term commitment to solving skin problems for both men and women. She became a widely respected researcher in the field and has worked tirelessly to test safe and effective solutions, not only for skin care but also for well being with her new line of Natural Sculpture products for weight management.

With an impressive support team of chemists, physicians and other industry professionals, Patty developed the Dermix Clinical Skin Care line to address a variety of skin imperfections and ailments in a natural and effective way.

    Thus, the product line is very comprehensive in its ability to facilitate healthier and younger-looking skin. It consists of cleansers, tonics, bleaches, scrubs, moisturizers, acne treatments, and makeup (makeup only sold in-person, as computer monitors never accurately display true colors).

    For those fortunate enough to enjoy Patty’s professional care in-person, her state-of-the-art medical space – located in Sherman Oaks CA 91403 offers a wide array of services within a welcoming and pampering environment. The high-tech and elegant spa features the best in skin care and related treatments at affordable prices, all administered by a staff of motivated and highly trained clinicians and technicians. What’s more, Patty’s medical spa staff is supported by a team of board-certified physicians who specialize in the maintaining and restoring of a youthful appearance.

    As a State-certified cosmetician instructor, Patty also conducts classes on-site for advanced students and those licensed skin care clinicians who have been drawn by her reputation and expertise. She hopes to eventually establish a high-end school that would, of course, promote and utilize the Dermix Skin Care line exclusively.